Details and Pricing

Wedding & Engagement

While making this decision to marry is one of the greatest choices we can make, it can also be a lot to manage for you two as a couple. Finding a photographer that your most comfortable and aligned with is part of the journey.

Ive had two decades experience as a photographer and have embraced the challenge and joy of capturing a couples love and ceremony. My greatest desire is for you to feel comfortable and confident with your big day or your first professional engagement shoot.

My approach with weddings is intimacy whether your in the traditional or modern ceremonies. Connection over making you look a certain way. 

The next step is to inquire here and Ill send you an email for pricing and more info. Cost start from 1200 and up.


Your pregnancy is a precious time to capture. One of my favorite life transitions to honor. Our time can be alone or with your partner, clothed or nude. Indoors or nature, whatever feels most comfortable for you! Lets talk and see what works best.

Session Cost $400 includes

20min consultation, 1 Location, 2 hours shoot and 30-50 edited images


Boudoir Sessions aka The Beauty Sessions, are the Heart of my work for so many reasons. My background of somatic experiencing, women’s circles and years of holding space for women’s process have evolved into The Beauty Sessions.

“My work is to hold space in your world for your body to remember, remember your Beauty, remember your nature, remember your Truth”

These photo sessions are designed to unfurl your bodies story organically. She, your body is, telling a story whether you know it or not. We are used to seeing the societal norm of what's acceptable and appropriate in front of the camera. This is an opportunity to explore, discover and listen to the story your body has to say, as opposed to cultural projections and personal conditioning. We must all be honored in our journey of becoming, this is your story to tell.

Session Cost $600 includes

  • 20-30mins phone connsult

  • 1 location (indoor or outdoor)

  • 2 - 2.5 hrs of shoot time

  • 50-75 edited images*

    These sessions are perfect for capturing your body in this moment of Time. Not when you think it will be ‘perfect’ but exactly where you are right now. More Info Here